Coach Profiles

Photo of Mark Stowe

Mark Stowe

Head Coach

I learned to swim at age 8 and proved “a natural”, soon swimming competitively in Diddy League for Stratford-upon-Avon. I was pretty successful as a junior, winning County titles and achieving National qualifying times though I struggled a bit through my teenage years, balancing school work and training commitments.…

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Debbie Hodson


Photo of Patrick Hunt

Patrick Hunt


Swimming/Sporting Background/Achievements
Whilst I have never been anything more than a ‘social’ swimmer, I have always played competitive sports.…

Photo of Malcolm Latta

Malcolm Latta


Swimming/Sporting Background/Achievements
I was born in Australia and swimming has been my passion since I was 7 years old.…

Photo of Kate Lloyd

Kate Lloyd

Fixtures Secretary, Coach

My family have been involved with Worcester swimming club since 2011 and I have been involved in swimming all my life, having grown up in a very successful swimming club in London. …

Photo of John Pridden

John Pridden


Swimming and water polo has been a part of my life from a very young age, whether competing, coaching or officiating it has always been there.…

Joel Smith


I have been swimming pretty much all my life, which unlike the other coaches I can remember having not lost my marbles, yet.…

In addition to our lead coaches, we are extremely fortunate to have the following qualified coaches as part of our team: Margaret Comerford, Simon Goodall, Chris Joiner and Mark O’Connor.