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Photo of Mary Adair

Mary Adair

Vice Chair & Fixtures Secretary

Photo of Emma Armstrong

Emma Armstrong

I was a competitive swimmer as a child, swimming for Orion  Swimming Club in South Birmingham. I now train at Worcester as a masters swimmer, although my competitive days of swimming are over!…

Photo of Josie Armstrong

Josie Armstrong

Girls’ Club Captain 2019-2020

I joined Worcester  Swimming Club when I was 11 and it is the only competitive club I have ever been apart of.

Photo of Sam Ashfield

Sam Ashfield


Photo of Jillian Biddle

Jillian Biddle


Swimming/Sporting Background/Achievements
Former Head Coach, Evesham Swimming Club. In my youth, many many moons ago, I was a 400, 800m runner.…

Andrew Chandler

Photo of Adrian Davis

Adrian Davis


Swimming/Sporting Background/Achievements
I was never a great sportsman at school mainly because I feel the coaches/teachers did not encourage the less able but keen, only showing interest in the natural players, while I was left with “here’s a ball lads, have a kick about over there”. …

Photo of Louis Doyle

Louis Doyle

Boys’ Club Captain 2019-2020

I am really proud to be voted club captain this year and over the next 12 months I am looking forward to supporting swimmers from all squads competing at lots of different competitions.…

Photo of Jon Fletcher

Jon Fletcher

Assistant Head Coach

Swimming/Sporting Background/Achievements
My sporting achievements achievements were back in black and white TV days , so not important to me.  …

Jay Goodison