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Jon Fletcher

Assistant Head Coach


Swimming/Sporting Background/Achievements

My sporting achievements achievements were back in black and white TV days , so not important to me.  From a coaching perspective I am an England Skills Coach and have team managed the Great Britain Senior team. I consider my best achievements to be getting the best out of each swimmer I am lucky enough to coach. If a swimmer is committed to getting to the next level I believe I can get them there.
Favourite stroke
To swim it was backstroke, to coach it would be front crawl,

Favourite training set
Killer, because it needs skill, technique, endurance and most importantly competitive instinct, so In coaching terms it covers physical, tactical, psychological and technical elements.


3 things you couldn’t do without
Family, coaching and sport.


If you won the lottery what would you do?
Many things. No matter how rich I would be I would always coach as money can’t replace that combination of fun and success. I like cars so the latest Porsche would be on order together with a nice house on the Gower for lazy days.