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Debbie Hodson


Photo of Patrick Hunt

Patrick Hunt


Swimming/Sporting Background/Achievements
Whilst I have never been anything more than a ‘social’ swimmer, I have always played competitive sports.…

Photo of Sally Hunt

Sally Hunt


In case you were wondering where all the volunteers come from, just about every one of them starts out as a swimmer’s parent who feels they can help out in some way.…

Photo of Malcolm Latta

Malcolm Latta


Swimming/Sporting Background/Achievements
I was born in Australia and swimming has been my passion since I was 7 years old.…

Photo of Kate Lloyd

Kate Lloyd


My family have been involved with Worcester swimming club since 2011 and I have been involved in swimming all my life, having grown up in a very successful swimming club in London. …

Paul Lyons

Photo of Julie MacBeth

Julie MacBeth

Photo of Orla Mahanta

Orla Mahanta

I learned to swim when I was 4 and swam competitively for about 10 years. I can still remember the thrill of completing my very first width which was made even more special as I beat my older siblings (we were a competitive bunch)!…

Photo of Catherine Martin

Catherine Martin

Renewals Secretary

My daughter has been a member of WSC since 2012. One year I offered to help with the yearly ASA renewal process and before I knew it I was a signed up committee member and the clubs Renewals Secretary.…

Photo of Sarah Matthews

Sarah Matthews

Club Kit