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Photo of Lizzie Monkhouse

Lizzie Monkhouse

Teacher, Competitions Secretary, Club Records

Swimming/Sporting Background/Achievements
Level 2 Swimming Teacher
I was not a swimmer myself, I trained in ballet, tap and modern dance!…

Helen Parker

I am a full time working Mum, who knew nothing about swimming until Libby started WSC aged 7. Both my children are now members of WSC, George (9) in Academy and Libby (10) in Skills Progression.…

Photo of John Pridden

John Pridden

Coach, Officials Coordinator & Child Welfare

Swimming and water polo has been a part of my life from a very young age, whether competing, coaching or officiating it has always been there. …

Anthony Redfern

Photo of Steve Redfern

Steve Redfern


I have four swimmers at WSC, two of whom are visually impaired para swimmers.

I’ve been around swimming since we started as a family at Droitwich SC in 2004 where we swam for 9 years.…

Jo Rhoden-Doyle

As a family we have been part of Worcester Swimming for around 5 years. Three of my four children swim for Worcester Swimming Club, one of my sons’ swims in Performance and my twin girls swim in AGP, having progressed up through the different groups.…

Photo of Simon Richards

Simon Richards

Swimming/Sporting Background/Achievements

I have never swum competitively. I am a competent swimmer and have a half decent breaststroke, but would never put myself up against our athletes, they never cease to amaze me with their abilities!…

Photo of Chris Rimell

Chris Rimell

My daughter swam with WSC for eleven years and enjoyed every moment.

I played a small part in getting our amazing eight lane pool at Perdiswell.…

Joel Smith


I have been swimming pretty much all my life, which unlike the other coaches I can remember having not lost my marbles, yet.…

Photo of Mark Stowe

Mark Stowe

Head Coach

Swimming/Sporting Background/Achievements

I learned to swim at age 8 and proved “a natural”, soon swimming competitively in Diddy League for Stratford-upon-Avon.…