Open Meets

Open Meets 

An Open Meet is a non-team competition hosted by a Club e.g. Worcester that is “open” to swimmers from any other club to enter.

Open Meets are typically “graded” with qualifying times i.e. swimmers having to meet a minimum standard (faster than time X) while sometimes the ability of swimmers is restricted to a maximum standard too (no faster than time Y).

There will be wide range of events to choose from e.g. 50m Freestyle to 400m Individual Medley with swimmers not limited to how many races they may enter.  This is what makes Open Meets so popular as they provide an excellent opportunity to swim lots of races – whereas at a normal gala, you may just get two or three 25m/50m/100m swims for the team.

Although swimmers are very welcome to enter as many Open Meets as they want (NB Club competitions always take priority), we would urge a little caution and not do too many.  Also, as they are usually over a whole day – or even a weekend – Open Meets are much more fun with a large squad of swimmers there to support each other (and bring the Coach coffee!?).

To this end, Mark will nominate a number of Open Meets each year that will be “Club events” i.e. we will look to take lots of swimmers, entries will be handled by the Club (thanks to Lizzie Monkhouse), there will be coaching staff on poolside, etc.  All other Open Meets will need to be organised by swimmers & parents themselves – although Mark is always happy to provide advice.